Medtronic Women’s Network Professional Insights Event

23 Feb 2018

Our CEO and Founder, Evelyn O’Toole, had the privilege to be the first guest speaker at the Medtronic Women’s Network professional insights series earlier this month.

Pictured with Louise Flaherty, Women’s Network Lead and Quality Manager, and Tony Neary, VP and GM, Medtronic Galway.

Evelyn said:

Medtronic is a client that we have worked with for over 10 years and it was a real pleasure to share my insights with the team in Galway. The theme of the talk was #BeFearless – influence, innovate, inspire – and it’s a topic I relate to and encourage everyone to embrace. It’s about identifying your stress points and building a plan to managing them so that you can take on opportunities and welcome change. Many thanks again to Louise Flaherty and the team at Medtronic for having me and Gerardine Lally for inviting me to speak.


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