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Our Environmental services are well established, and we have been successfully supplying contract sampling and analysis to public and private sector clients since 1996 on drinking- and process waters, bathing and saline waters, waste waters, soil, sludge and dust sampling

CLS provides a wide range of environmental sampling (ISO 5667) and analysis both of which are ISO 17025 accredited (108T) and ISO 9001:2015 approved. We operate our own fleet of refrigerated vans nationwide taking full chain of custody management on behalf of our clients and make our results available online 24/7 as the tests are validated at our labs. Our clients can access their results and trend their own data using our systems. We have customised reporting available and work with large projects to integrate data for maximum efficiency. EDEN data uploads are also available.
Range of Environmental Testing Analysis
  • STJar Testing (Settlement & DAF)
  • Major Cations and Anions
  • Heavy Metals by ICP-MS
  • Total Nitrogen, Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus
  • Chloride, Sulphate, Total Hardness, Alkalinity, carbonate/bicarbonate and Langelier Index
  • Wet Chemistry Parameters
  • UVT, UVA, Chlorine free and total
  • Detergent
  • PH, Turbidity, Colour, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity
  • TOC, DOD, COD, BOD/ cBOD, Orthophosphate,
  • Ammonia, DIN, TON, Fluoride, Nitrate & Nitrite
  • Monochloramine, Chloramination
  • THM Formation Potential
  • Suspended Solids, Volatile Suspended Solids, total solids
  • PAH 16 speciated and drinking water PAHs
  • (TPH) Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, (aliphatic/aromatic split and carbon banding)
  • Mineral Oil
  • Dust fall (Bergerhoff) Total dust – organic % / inorganic %
  • VOC, Trihalomethanes (THM)
  • Other Organic/ Inorganic Chemistry
Environmental Microbiology

CLS microbiology department is supporting its environmental services with a broad selection of services including:

  • Pathogen Detection
  • E-coli, Faecal  & Total Coliforms
  • Total bacterial count
  • Enterococci
  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Legionella
  • Cryptosporidium
Areas of Sampling, Testing and Support
  • Drinking water
  • Raw and Treated Water, treatment optimisation and jar testing
  • Optimisation, Process Proving and Commissioning of water and waste water plants
  • Investigative work (Oil spills)
  • Flow & Load Surveys, Composite Sampling
  • Compliance monitoring (Licences, trade effluents, EU Regulations)
  • Process water testing
  • Boat Sampling – Lake, River and coastal monitoring (Water & Sediment)
  • Boreholes & Wells
  • Leachates
  • Environmental Baseline Studies
  • Pre-and Post-Construction monitoring including biological assessments
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Sludge and soil analysis

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