Why proactive COVID-19 testing is the way forward for companies

16 Jul 2021

CLS COVID-19 Test Lab
  • PCR and Antigen testing can help sectors re-open and remain open 
  • A practical solution from CLS for keeping clients and staff safe 

Even as the national vaccination programme gathers pace, active COVID-19 testing holds the key to re-opening society and preventing transmission of the virus. 

We are seeing this already on an industry-by-industry basis, for example as some of the education, manufacturing, filming production, and construction sectors got back to work. And for private companies that need to open and stay open, proactive testing can deliver a real advantage as our country eases through the next phases. 

There are two main testing solutions that can be implemented in any work or community environment: 

  • PCR Testing 
  • Rapid Antigen Testing 

PCR Testing  

Real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction or PCR testing is widely recognised as the global ‘gold standard’ for detecting COVID-19, the SARS-CoV-2 infection, and is used internationally. 

PCR testing provides results within 24 hours and is a practical solution for organisations that require specific high-level results in line with industry compliance or specific travel requirements. 

By implementing weekly PCR testing, industries have a system in place that supports risk management requirements and advances safety protocols to protect against COVID-19. 

A PCR test can detect current variants of the virus and represent a highly specific and sensitive way of detecting COVID-19 and how infectious a patient is.  How well the sample is collected will depend on the accuracy of the test. 

Rapid Antigen Testing  

These tests can be performed easily, and a result received within 20 minutes that will indicate if the person is infectious or not. 

Any positive results detected should be followed by a confirmatory PCR test and reported in line with Ireland’s test and tracing regime. 

CLS Covid-19 RT-PCR testing

How CLS can help 

At CLS, we are working with a range of private industry clients across different sectors, providing weekly testing to their teams at locations throughout Ireland.  Our team can set up on-site clinics providing PCR tests (results within 24 hours) and rapid antigen tests (results available in 15-20 minutes). 

We can cater for individual client requirements onsite or through our drive-in clinic and set up a scheduling appointment system to cover shift work. Our service is a tailored, world-class testing service supported by our highly skilled analysts and dedicated healthcare professional team.  

Any positive tests are immediately reviewed by the CLS team of clinical consultants and shared with the patient’s GP as well as the local HSE Public Health Department. 

For those with medical expertise on-site we can provide testing kits for own swabbing for antigen testing. The kit provided is approved by the EU. 

To date, the CLS COVID-19 testing service has proven extremely successful in allowing clients to continue operating, including those that may require specific tests for travel purposes.   

COVID-19 Travel Clearance Certificate 

CLS provide travel clearance certificates for travel requirements for clients and private individuals. Once a negative test result is confirmed a certificate will be provided on request.  

In addition to COVID-19 PCR testing, CLS offers Building Biosafety Testing for workspaces as part of its Workplace Hygiene Programme, which includes SARS-CoV-2 surface swabs and analysis for presence of COVID-19. We also offer a Reboot Test for Hospitality, crucial for the months ahead. 

CLS laboratories have been accredited and approved by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) for ISO 17025 (108T); ISO 15189; ISO 9001:2015; the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA); and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Any questions? Contact us on services@cls.ie or 091 57 43 55.