Our Supergirl of Science

29 Nov 2016

Rosemary Delaney (left) with Evelyn O’Toole, CLS, WMB Business Woman of the year, at the Women Mean Business Conference and Awards 2016.

CLS CEO Evelyn O’Toole is a WMB ambassador for diversity and an avid campaigner for equal rights. This Irish Examiner article features iconic global female role models under the title ‘Supergirls’.

Evelyn said with a smile:

“Of course, I am humbled to be pictured in an article featuring Hilary Clinton, Malala Yousafzai, Gina London and, closer to home, Rosemary Delaney, who set up WMB (Women Mean Business) a decade ago. Rosemarie set up WMB because of a lack of female role models in the business world. I’m not sure that Supergirl is the term I would use to describe myself but I get the sentiment behind the article. Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years and women definitely have more choice – the challenge is to encourage young girls, many of whom are unaware of their own talents and abilities, to reach their full potential.”

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