CLS Analysts on Contract Dept offers innovative solutions to the ‪‎medical‬ device and ‎pharma‬ industries

10 Feb 2017

CLS Staff

Marc Ryan

Marc Ryan from CLS’s AOC Dept speaking about Insourcing & Outsourcing Trends at the Research & Innovation Event in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, Tues 24 Feb 2015.

CLS’s Analysts on Contract Department (AOC Dept) has developed exclusive training programmes for analysts supplied directly to client companies.”These are companies primarily in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries” Marc said – adding “CLS’s AOC coursework is intensive, verified by assessment and is in line with our client’s protocol.”

“It’s proved to be a successful model for partnering with our clients because it provides them with excellent solutions which permit their personnel to focus fully on value added projects.”

To discuss customised solutions for your projects, contact Marc directly at