Evelyn O’Toole joins WMB Magazine Ambassadors for Gender Diversity

14 Jun 2017

Women Mean Business

Evelyn O'Toole - Gender DiversityWMB Magazine (www.womenmeanbusiness.com) are running a campaign to promote Gender Diversity in industry. WBM is working with companies that are embracing diversity by working toward more balance in the business environment.

CLS Founder and CEO, Evelyn O’Toole, is delighted to be named as an ambassador for gender diversity for 2017.  Over the years, Evelyn has established herself as a true champion of change in industry.

“As a woman in science for 23 years I recognise the importance of workplace diversity and at CLS we continuously strive to cultivate a strong equal opportunities environment. Our current workforce is 65% female and 35% male which reflects the high level of outstanding female analysts who work for us.

At CLS we believe that our work culture benefits from true balance and I equally encourage continuous development across all our male and female colleagues.

Diversity in the workplace should ultimately be more about talent and less about gender and I believe that CLS being at the forefront of our industry is down to our diverse workforce.”