Building Biosafety Testing

Test for the presence of bacteria and COVID-19 in your workplace

The Building Biosafety Testing provides organisations with a baseline of their current standard of workplace hygiene in compliance with The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Biological Agents) 2013 Regulations. The aim of the programme is to improve the health and safety of staff while lowering the rate of cross infection and absenteeism in the workplace. It provides employers with a scientific measurement of their current hygiene standard, allowing them to introduce a continuous improvement programme that engages all employees to help contribute to making their workplace a healthier space for everyone.

What is included?

The programme has been developed in line with ISO 14698-1:2003 and ISO14644 part 1:2015.

The Building Biosafety Testing programme will establish a baseline for the standard of housekeeping hygiene in the building. This will involve:

  • Reviewing the building and facilities and designing a test plan
  • Testing the Microbiological standard of air covering both bacteria and mould
  • Testing the levels of dust and particles present on surfaces
  • Undertaking personnel hygiene swabs to validate hand washing
  • Providing advice on how to manage common areas to minimise touch points and maximise hygiene practices

How it works?

A CLS validation scientist tailors the testing programme to your organisation with a focus on the building and communal areas. Once agreed with client CLS analysts will complete sampling on site and test the samples at the CLS accredited laboratories.

Download Building Biosafety Testing Brochure.

CLS Workplace COVID-19 Risk Management and Hygiene Training

CLS can provide COVID-19 risk management and hygiene training to clients that can be integrated into their HR requirements and records. The programme provides employees with the necessary awareness training and skills for managing their hygiene and how they can protect their colleagues and their workplace.

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