In response to the global pandemic, Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS) has developed a range of new services and programmes to support clients in protecting their employees and customers wellbeing while meeting the required industry compliances and hygiene standard regulations.

Private COVID-19 Testing (PCR)

The PCR test is the global ‘gold standard’ for detecting COVID-19 and has been approved by the HSE. Our testing service has been designed to support proactive screening for COVID-19 and is relevant to all sectors with weekly testing available to clients onsite.

The service is tailored to client requirements and can include swabbing taking place on a weekly basis at a clients site, with tests analysed at CLS laboratories and results available in 24 hours.

CLS Covid-19 RT-PCR testing

Reboot Test Programme for Hospitality

The reboot programme measures if the Food and Hospitality sectors hygiene management complies with EC 2073/2005. CLS trained staff go onsite and take samples, and then transport them in our refrigerated vans to our accredited laboratories for testing.

Suitable for:

Hotels; restaurants; food services; retail; delis; in-house canteens; and fast food providers.

CLS Reboot Test Programme for Hospitality

Workplace Hygiene Programme (WHP)

The WHP provides organisations with a baseline of their current standard of workplace hygiene in compliance with The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Biological Agents) 2013 Regulations. The aim of the programme is to improve the health and safety of staff while lowering the rate of cross infection and absenteeism in the workplace.

Suitable for:

Office-based operations; large desk-based companies; assembly line manufacturers and producers; nursing homes; hospitals; support centres; primary care and education.

CLS Workplace Hygiene Programme (WHP)

Workplace COVID-19 Hygiene Training

CLS can provide COVID-19 risk management and hygiene training to clients that can be integrated into their HR requirements and records. The programme provides employees with the necessary awareness training and skills for managing their hygiene and how they can protect their colleagues and their workplace.