Current Vacancies

CLS Current Vacancies

Are you the type of person who appreciates the stability of working in the same place every day, surrounded by a trusted and experienced team?

Or do you relish the challenge of moving from one laboratory to another, working in new companies with new teams and on new projects?

At CLS we have career opportunities to suit both preferences. In addition to our in-house laboratory positions, we also supply qualified analysts on contract to our clients for short and long-term project placements. In both cases, you will be a CLS employee and enjoy all the associated benefits.

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Our Culture

CLS Our Culture

From our roots in scenic Connemara on the stunning west coast of Ireland, where our food and environmental laboratories are based, to our Galway city-based medical device and pharmaceutical facilities, the same respect for our people, our customers and our environment applies.

Integrity without compromise is not just a strapline, it is the philosophy behind everything we do. Trust, respect, honesty and a genuine desire to create a positive and welcoming working environment are our core values. The ambition and professionalism of our team is the driving force behind our success and a constant striving for excellence is our route to building a secure future for our team and our customers.

Living & Working


Galway is renowned for its quality of living and excellent work-life balance. A beautiful, ancient city alive with culture, where cobbled streets lead to a busy working port and one of the most picturesque promenade walks in Europe.

On a practical level, house prices and rental levels are some 30% lower than in Dublin, while the ‘City of Tribes’ offers an abundance of schools and third level institutes, including NUIG and GMIT. Galway is also home to some of the world’s major medical device and technology companies along with a thriving start-up business community. Careers in tourism, hospitality and the arts are also plentiful.

Visit for more reasons to live and work in beautiful, vibrant Galway city.

Training & Development


Career development is a priority at CLS and we work with all our people to create individual, personal development plans that ensure you make the best of your unique abilities. We realise that not everyone wants to take the management route; there are career opportunities in research as well as opportunities to upskill or work across many disciplines.

  • Exceptional laboratory analyst training
  • Individual performance and proficiency measured and rewarded
  • Continuous training and development
  • Opportunities for inter-departmental transfers



In addition to salary and annual holiday entitlement outlined in employment contracts, all team members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Defined contribution pension scheme
  • Education support
  • Technical development
  • Bike to Work scheme
  • Group scheme for discounts on local services (e.g. gym, Specsavers)
  • Long service awards
  • Free parking

Social Responsibility

CLS Social Responsibility

Protecting our environment, caring for public health and partnering with multi-nationals to develop safer medical treatments is all in a day’s work at CLS. We care passionately about our staff and the communities in which we live and work, and we take every opportunity to engage in local and national initiatives, many of which are outside our daily jobs.

Evelyn O’Toole, CEO of CLS, is a Cancer Care West Advocate and a WMB Ambassador for Gender Diversity. She was recently invited to speak at the Enable Ireland Brilliant Women Tea Party while a team from CLS is currently training for the Run Galway Bay 10K in October to raise funds for Cancer Care West. At CLS, you will have an opportunity to give back to the community and improve the lives of others.