Evelyn O'TooleEvelyn O’Toole

Founder and CEO

Evelyn O’Toole is the founder and CEO of CLS and is a native of Clifden, Co Galway. Prior to CLS, Evelyn worked in the UK in research and development and in quality assurance in Industrial Paints. Thereafter she managed a laboratory for an aquaculture group in Ireland.

In 1994 CLS was established and since then the company has generated revenue to create the opportunity to invest in strong technical expertise, technology, facilities and in its sister facility dedicated to medical devices and pharmaceutical industries called CLS Medical Device & Pharma Testing.

Evelyn’s main duties include setting the business strategy, vision and values. She determines the direction of the company, the markets entered, services provided and how the company differentiates itself from competitors. She has selectively formed a management team and developed vital partnerships to steer the company accordingly. She and senior management work together in a common direction and have charted a clear course for the company’s future.

With full support from senior management, Evelyn has defined the company’s culture, hence between them, they have created a great place to work which attracts and retains the very best.

Evelyn and the senior team convey the company’s values through actions and reactions to clients and employees alike thus CLS staff take their cues about interpersonal values—trust, honesty, openness—from them.

Evelyn is ultimately responsible for capital allocation and for setting budgets within the firm. She funds projects which support the strategy and vision of CLS and CLS Medical Device & Pharma Testing nationally. She is currently leading the management team to internationalise the company’s Medical Device & Pharma Testing offerings. She is heading up the development plan which will enable CLS to grow its brand internationally while continuing to offer avant-garde services nationwide.


Evelyn has a Certificate in Applied Biology from Athlone Institute of Technology, a Diploma in Pollution Assessment & Control from Sligo Institute of Technology, a Diploma in Train the Trainer from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and a Diploma in Business Development from Irish Management Institute.

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