About Us

CLS is Ireland’s leading provider of sampling, analysis and on-contract analysts to the food, environmental, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Founded in 1994, CLS is renowned for delivering high-quality laboratory data, always on time and in the most customer-focused way.

Clients & Quality: The CLS group of laboratories has the accreditation’s and approvals required to allow us to work in partnership with our clients.

Staff: Our people and their expertise is our most valuable asset. We have a complimentary mix of qualified laboratory analysts with the support of our quality, HR, logistics, finance and IT departments..

Sample collection: We collect anywhere in Ireland, offer controlled temperature transport if required, provide a full chain of custody and manage this area completely for our clients.

Reporting results: At CLS our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) provides our Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) results of tests  online. Clients can securely download their results and trend their data and or apply limits for compliance. The system complies with GAMP guidelines and FDA 21 CFR part 11.

CLS analysts on client sites: We supply fully trained microbiology and analytical analysts to clients on contract and support the contracts by ongoing visits to support both our analysts and management of the host company.


Our centres of excellence include the following:

Environmental Sampling & Testing Food/Beverage Pharmaceutical / Medical Devices
Water: wastewater, potable water, process water, groundwater & surface water Meats and fish Catheters, stents, drugs, orthopedics, combined devices, medical scaffolds, capillaries & delivery systems, polymers and plastics
Soil and sludge Salads Microbiological testing
Analytical testing Ready-to-eat dishes Analytical testing
Microbiological testing Beverages Contract R&D
Sampling (land & water) Plant hygiene, air & water Supply analysts on contract
Supply analysts on contract Microbiology Premarket studies on integrity and ingress
Validation and commissioning Food chemistry Cleanroom environmental monitoring
Noise / vibration Tank & pipe network sterilisation Methods transfers
Flow & load Cleanroom validation / environmental monitoring Cleaning validation, QP of water loops, compressed air testing

CLS has multiple approvals and accreditation’s including:

FDA approved

CLS MedPharma microbiological and analytical testing.

GMP Licenced – Accreditation HERE.

Certificate of GMP compliance of a manufacturer, microbiological (non-sterile), chemical and physical testing.

ISO 17025 testing laboratory Reg. No. 108T – Accreditation HERE.

ISO 9001:2015 – Accreditation HERE.  

Laboratory analysis, sampling, food safety monitoring and analysts on contract.


The management and employees of CLS are committed to achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction by supplying the highest quality products and services.

Our image is a reflection of our mutual respect for each other, our customers and the attitude we take towards being and staying a superior laboratory.

We accept the responsibility to achieve our quality goals which will be reached through continual improvement, innovation, training, teamwork, monitoring and review.

We pledge to our customers and ourselves that we will strive to offer the highest services in our laboratory.

We will endeavour to continually improve quality and environmental monitoring through all phases of our operations. We will act with honesty, integrity and responsibility in all relationships, professionally and personally.

We operate a quality management system based on ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.


  • It has been FDA inspected successfully [MARCH 2014]
  • GMP approved by the HPRA
  • Performs microbiology testing in its INAB accredited testing laboratory Reg. No. 108T

We comply with all the statutory and regulatory requirements and aim to continually improve out quality and environmental management processes.


CLS laboratory staff participate in an extensive range of external proficiency schemes in the microbiology laboratory. This is an integral part of the quality control system at CLS. Performance in the external schemes is assessed on an ongoing basis ensuring the quality of the test results. Schemes currently being delivered at CLS include Public Health England Food and Water Microbiology EQA Schemes, LGC Crypts cryptosporidium proficiency testing scheme, VETQAS Salmonella in poultry proficiency testing scheme.