COVID-19 Testing Services and Programmes

CLS Reboot Test Programme for Hospitality
The reboot programme measures if the Food and Hospitality sectors hygiene management complies with EC 2073/2005. CLS trained staff go onsite and take samples, and then transport them in our refrigerated vans to our accredited laboratories for testing.

Suitable for:

Hotels; restaurants; food services; retail; delis; in-house canteens; and fast food providers.

CLS Workplace Hygiene Programme (WHP)
The WHP provides organisations with a baseline of their current standard of workplace hygiene in compliance with The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Biological Agents) 2013 Regulations. The aim of the programme is to improve the health and safety of staff while lowering the rate of cross infection and absenteeism in the workplace.

Suitable for:

Office-based operations; large desk-based companies; assembly line manufacturers and producers; nursing homes; hospitals; support centres; primary care and education.

CLS can provide COVID-19 risk management and hygiene training to clients that can be integrated into their HR requirements and records.

There is a new level of responsibility on us to manage our housekeeping and personal hygiene management in the workplace. This programme extends to cover the new day to day norm in shared workspaces to protect ourselves and our colleagues.

CLS – A Group of Contract Laboratories

Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS) is the largest privately owned contract laboratory in Ireland and provides sampling, analysis and fully trained micro and analytical analysts on contract to clients in the food, environmental, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

CLS operates two of their own accredited laboratory sites, located in Galway City for all things medical and pharmaceutical and Ros Muc for all things food and environmental. We are on 20 client sites across Ireland with our own colleagues who are based there as analysts on contract providing onsite testing and managed services at our client sites.




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Analysts on contract

Analysts on Contract

This division was formed as a direct result of client requirements. Contracting experts from our team give you all the flexibility to upscale your workforce for specific projects without the long-term implications. Our expert team of microbiologists, chemists, technicians and environmental science experts are professional, adaptable and reliable and are specifically trained to integrate with your team with little impact or training. By adding our expertise to yours you can reduce product development times, get products to market quicker and develop your core expertise.

Our Testing Services and Facilities

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